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Félix Maradiaga’s daughter imagines “when the cell phone rings” and it is her father greeting her

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Félix Maradiaga's daughter imagines "when the cell phone rings" and it is her father greeting her

Berta Valle, wife of the former presidential candidate and political prisoner Felix Maradiagareported the rehearsals she has done with her daughter Alejandra —Maradiaga— before a possible phone call with her father, with whom she has not had communication for more than 500 days.

«I told a friend about the illusion we have at the possibility of being granted the first phone call with my husband @maradiaga. He very wisely suggested that I prepare Alejandra, our 9-year-old daughter, so that she can talk to her father after a year and a half, “explained the communicator through her Twitter account.

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He explained that together with his little daughter they sat down “to imagine the moment when the cell phone rings and it is his father on the other side.” In case it is a video call, they also did a rehearsal.

“In this part he got more excited and began to show his gymnastics skills,” said Valle, who from exile continues to demand the freedom of the political scientist.

Both the girl Alejandra Maradiaga and her mother are waiting for the Nicaraguan Government to grant them that right during the hearing on Saturday, December 31, the date on which the Police scheduled through a press release for the political prisoners to inmates in “El Nuevo Chipote” can be visited by their relatives during the year-end festivities.

The opponent stressed that this “anecdote” is part of the daily life of the relatives of political prisoners at the hands of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

So far, the Nicaraguan dictatorship has only allowed —on December 25— political prisoner Suyen Brahama to communicate with her five-year-old son, after more than 18 months incommunicado.

Sentenced to 13 years in prison

Maradiaga was captured on June 8, 2021 a few meters from the Public Ministry, in Managua, minutes before he had been questioned by Daniel Ortega’s prosecutors. After his arrest, he was transferred to “El Nuevo Chipote”, a well-known torture center, according to the relatives of political prisoners.

The Ortega justice imposed a sentence of 13 years in prison for the alleged crime of undermining national integrity to the detriment of the State of Nicaragua and Nicaraguan society.

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The hostage of conscience faced seven hearings that, according to his defenders, were “plagued with irregularities and annulments» which culminated in a finding of guilty.

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During the trial, the Prosecutor’s Office presented 27 police officers as witnesses. The only proof that was imputed to him was his participation in a WhatsApp group and some television interviews. They also presented the alleged material evidence, including objects that were obtained during the search of his home.

Maradiaga is one of the seven former presidential candidates whom the dictator Daniel Ortega took out of circulation to compete “comfortably” in the 2021 presidential elections, where he was re-elected for another five years.

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