Félix Chero on censorship of Lady Camones: "We do not consider it a victory"

Félix Chero on censorship of Lady Camones: “We do not consider it a victory”

the minister of , spoke about the censorship approved last Monday by the Plenary against Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress) as president of the after the leak of an audio that stars with the leader of APP, César Acuña.

The member of the ministerial cabinet indicated that he does not consider the decision of the Legislature as “a victory”, since he pointed out that the Executive only seeks consensus between said power, the State and the Executive.

We do not consider it a victory because there is no competition for political position. On the contrary, we always said out loud that we seek consensusthat the Executive and the Legislative work together for those demands that Peruvians want”, he stated in an interview with Canal N.

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In this sense, Chero Medina pointed out that the Government had to expose and request that measures be taken against the audios between Acuña Peralta and Camones Soriano, since he considered that it constitutes a violation of electoral neutrality.

We had to evidence a tangible fact in which there is an act of interference in the sphere of the Legislative Power by a candidate, which not only constitutes a violation of electoral neutrality, but there are also alleged criminal offenses. In such a way that every public official has the duty to inform these facts“, held.

Likewise, the head of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights rejected the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office to include him in the investigation of an alleged criminal organization headed by President Pedro Castillo.

It bothers me because of the way they intend to incorporate me into an investigation without any valid reason or justification. I am a professional who has been practicing for 25 years, who has always tried to lead a life arranged according to law“, said.

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Statements by Lady Camones

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