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Federal Police launch action against child sexual abuse

PF fulfills warrants for search of weapons from deputy Carla Zambelli

The Federal Police (PF) launched today (26) a national operation to combat sexual crimes committed against children and adolescents. Operation Protection Network is ongoing, serving 57 arrest warrants and 40 search warrants. In the first hours, seven arrests were made in flagrante delicto.

According to the investigators, the actions aim to “repress sexual crimes against children and adolescents, removing investigated, criminally prosecuted and even convicted individuals from social life, making the criminal justice system effective and preventing new crimes from being committed”.

“The operation’s actions began in the early days of this year, with the execution of arrest warrants for criminals who were already included in the National Prison Monitoring Bank (BNMP), but were still at liberty,” the PF said in a note.

The PF adds that police stations and regional superintendencies across the country have also launched action fronts today aimed at sexual crimes against children, but committed “through the internet”. These actions have the help of the Victim Identification Task Force , made up of federal and civilian police officers specialized in identifying victims from images and videos – created with the purpose of assisting in the rescue of victims and the identification and arrest of aggressors.

Operation Protection Network is the first launched under the new Directorate to Combat Cyber ​​Crimes of the PF with specialized police stations in the subject, located in all 27 federative units.

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