Fedenaga alerts shortage of diesel in the countryside

Fedenaga alerts shortage of diesel in the countryside

Photo Armando Chacin. Fedenagro

The National Federation of Livestock Farmers (Fedenaga) alerted the national public opinion that the shortage of diesel is once again dramatically affecting the Venezuelan countryside. Because of this, they requested the intervention of Nicolás Maduro, and the Ministry of Energy and Mines, to guarantee the historical fuel quotas assigned for each production unit.

“If the countryside is paralyzed, what does the country eat? We have put up with not having supplies and we look for them in Colombia. Without electricity we have produced milk and we have supplied the electrical issue with fuel generators, as we run out of diesel in our production units we no longer have any option. We don’t have credit either, but we understand the economic reality of the country, and despite this we continue to produce”, reflected Armando Chacín, president of this union organization.

Chacín reiterated that without fuel they cannot move machines, equipment, or vehicles to transport the raw material. He also stressed that providing the agricultural and livestock sector with fuel “is guaranteeing food sovereignty.”

“The livestock sector is paralyzed in its daily work waiting for them to give us an answer,” he added.

Treat aftermath of rain

Likewise, the highest representative of this sector warned that in the face of the severe consequences left by the rainy season, especially south of Lake Maracaibo, in the state of Zulia, work teams must be formed to guarantee the operation of the union.

«There are too many problems, but the south of the Lake is still only in the hands of God. Producers are working to minimize the impact of the emergency, the losses are incalculable, which is why we believe that we must pay more attention and look for those who can carry out river maintenance and dredging work,” Chacín said.

He pointed out that heavy rains are expected until October, the Fedenaga spokesman proposed to the Executive a greater presence and support in what he cited as one of the most important livestock and agricultural areas in the country, due to the fact that a good percentage of meat is produced , milk, palm and bananas; among others. “Let’s recover the south of the lake together, livestock and agriculture in the south of the Lake on their knees in the face of this emergency,” he declared.

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