FdT legislators repudiated the statements of Luis Juez about the Argentine people

FdT legislators repudiated the statements of Luis Juez about the Argentine people

Luis Juez gave controversial statements that provoked the reaction of the legislators of the Frente de Todos

Legislators from the Frente de Todos (FdT) rejected this Monday the statements of the senator of Together for Change (JxC) Luis Juez, who considered the Argentines as “a people of shit” that is “more ferocious” with “the players” of the Argentine soccer team than with the political “leadership” of the country.

“The judge believes that you are part of a shitty town, the one that elected him as a senator of the Nation. That shitty town is called Argentina. Nice”, expressed the senator of the Frente de Todos (FdT) for Buenos Aires Juliana Di Tullio on his Twitter account.

Along these lines, he also criticized the possibility of a judge being appointed to the Nation’s Judicial Council, the body in charge of administering the Judiciary and proposing and controlling national and federal judges.

“This is the senator that Rosatti (Horacio) wants in the Judicial Council to choose the judges who will have your life in their hands,” Di Tullio remarked.in reference to the fact that it was the president of the Supreme Court who signed the resolution so that the Judge who assumes office in that body is the one.

In statements to La Nación+, The judge indicated on Sunday that there is a part of society that has “prepared the mess” in case the country is left out of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but that “does not move from home” when “the country is stolen.”

“We Argentines are screwed, what a shitty people, we demand much more from a soccer team than from the leaders”expressed the senator of JxC and reference of the Civic Front of Córdoba.

The deputy of the FdT of Córdoba Gabriela Estévez highlighted that Judge “has sadly accustomed us to this type of expression.”

“He did it with respect to the gay community, he did it by using Bolivian citizenship as if it were an insult, he did it by insulting the Ecuadorian people when he was ambassador there”Estévez listed in dialogue with Télam.

In this sense, he recalled that Senator “mocked” in Congress when legislators were trained with gender perspective courses of the Michaela Law.

“When the training finished, he jokingly made the comment ‘I have to go because my wife is calling me to eat’,” said the deputy. Estévez classified Judge as someone with a “homodian, xenophobic and denialist speech” and that it is “dangerous” for democracy.

“It deserves a general repudiation of those of us who are part of the different political expressions of democracy in this country,” he stressed.

The FdT senator for Tucumán Pablo Yedlin also replied to Judge via Twitter: “We were not and we are not (shit town), we have a past of greatness and a future full of hope.”

Also, Yedlin recalled that the JxC senator had an unfortunate statement during his participation in a Channel 13 program, where he stated that “no Argentine can say that democracy changed his life.”

“That the same senator, Luis Juez, the one who the other day stated that democracy had not done any Argentine any good, now says that we are a ‘shitty town’ sounds too much,” Yedlin stressed.

In the same vein, the FdT senator for San Luis expressed María Eugenia Catalfamo, who maintained that the Judge “forgets” that this people “to whom he refers with so much hatred and violence” is also the one who “chose” him to occupy a seat in the Senate.

“That is why today he occupies a seat in the Senate, from where he also intends to integrate the Council of the Magistracy,” Catalfamo highlighted on that same social network.

The FdT senator for La Rioja Ricardo Guerra He also criticized the Judge’s expressions by indicating that he “assaults and offends” the Argentine people.

“We cannot allow it, he called Argentine men and women ‘shit people’, the same people who voted for him and pay his salary,” Guerra tweeted.

However, these statements are not the only controversies surrounding the JxC senator and candidate for the Council of the Magistracy.

Last week, a judge was denounced by a woman whom he allegedly insulted on public roads in the center of the city of Córdobajudicial sources reported.

The accusation is analyzed by District 1 Turn 3 prosecutor, José Mana, and according to the court filing, the official is being investigated for “threats.”

The woman denounced that she had been threatened by the legislator last Tuesday afternoon, after an interdict at the corner of Corro and San Luis, in the Cordoba capital, near the senator’s law firm.

“The next time you disrespect me, I’m going to break your face, papuda”, were the words that the senator allegedly gave the complainant woman.

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