FDHC denounces repression in Guantánamo and alerts about the increase in protests in Cuba

MIAMI, United States. – In an interview with CubaNet this Thursday, Rolando Cartaya, from the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FDHC) and the project Cuban repressors He denounced the increasing repression in the province of Guantánamo by officials of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) and warned of an increase in protests in Cuba due to the economic and social crisis that the country is going through.

Cartaya mentioned that from his platform, Cuban repressors, They have identified several MININT officials in Guantánamo, including Edel Alfaro Jiménez, a delegate of said ministry in the province, who would be the main person responsible for the repression in the area.

In addition, Cartaya highlighted the performance of the MININT Special Brigade, known as “Boinas Negras”, during the demonstrations of July 11 and 12, 2021where they used force and intimidation to break up the protests.

In February, Cuban repressors revealed the identities of 20 Cuban repressors currently residing in the United States, including former members of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) of Cuba, former prosecutors, former police officers and others responsible for repressive acts on the island.

Cartaya also pointed out that the situation in Cuba is increasingly tense, and that his organization has registered an increase in protests. “This month there were 370 protests and many of them had to do with hunger and the health situation. On top of that came the gasoline crisis,” said the Cuban activist, who believes that episodes similar to those that occurred last year will be repeated next summer, when people took to the streets almost daily for three months to ask for food. and freedom.

In the same live broadcast of CubaNet where Cartaya intervened, the reporter from Palenque Visión Yeris Curbelo Aguilera also appeared, who assured that the regime “maintains Caimanera totally militarized.”

Curbelo Aguilera also specified that on Thursday morning Victoria Martínez Valdivia, mother of two of those detained during the protests on May 6, went to Guantánamo to the Department of State Security to visit her children.

The reporter emphasized that these and other young people took to the streets due to the serious shortage of food, medicine and other vital products that the population suffers. “Their driving force was the great food shortage, the need they are going through in terms of food, medicine, money (…). But not only this. The young people who came out to protest and the people of Caimanera who supported them also protested because they are aware that here in Cuba we live under a completely dictatorial, oppressive and totalitarian system. They expressed it like this in the protest. They shouted ‘Patria y Vida’, ‘Libertad’, ‘Long live human rights’, ‘Down with the dictatorship’”, he concluded.

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