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Fazenda has already answered Lula’s doubts about the new fiscal framework

New rules for partnerships with the private sector are in the final stages

The technical area of ​​the Ministry of Finance has already answered President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s doubts about the new fiscal rules that will replace the spending ceiling, said this Friday (24) the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad. According to him, the government will send the text of the bill to Lula, who will set the presentation date, scheduled for the beginning of Of aprilafter the end of the official trip to China.

“The technical area closed [o texto]. Everything is in order. Now let’s go back to the president, with the questions he asked and just set the date [do anúncio]”, said Haddad upon returning to the Ministry of Finance after a meeting of the Political Council at Palácio da Alvorada.

According to the minister, the questions raised by Lula in the first presentation of the draft of the project, in the fridaylast Friday (17), are already clarified. “The final word is always the president’s, until it is announced, the final word is always his. He may ask new questions, but the ones asked at the meeting friday past are already elucidated”, he added.

Regarding Lula’s health, diagnosed with mild pneumonia, Haddad said that the president led the meeting of the Political Council without any problems. “He chaired the meeting. It’s okay, ”he declared. According to the minister, the meeting of this fridayThe fair was used for the division of tasks between those traveling with Lula to China and those staying in Brazil.

Because of the pneumonia, the departure of the presidential delegation to China was postponed to Sunday (26). Originally, the match was scheduled for this Saturday (25). The trip should last up to March 31ço.

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