Favela in Vigário Geral will have a recording studio for local artists

Favela de Vigário Geral, in the north of Rio de Janeiro, will be the first in the world to have a recording studio with Dolby Atmos technology, so that local artists can record their productions for free. The information was given to Brazil Agency by Ricardo Chantilly, executive director of the music label CrespoMusic, recently launched by the cultural group AfroReggae together with Chantilly Produções. “Our state-of-the-art studio will be the first and only Dolby Atmos studio inside a slum in the world. They are expensive, first-class equipment.”

The studio will be inaugurated on the 14th and, from then on, recordings will start to be made. “In principle, people should send the material to our social networks and we will prioritize young people, residents of favelas or peripheries. This is the priority that we will have. The recording is completely free, as well as the release”, explained Ricardo Chantilly. The selection of materials will be made by the artistic director of CrespoMusic, Sany Pittbull.


After the music has been recorded, a phonogram is created that is released by the platforms of streaming (transmission of content over the internet). The partnership with Virgin Music Brasil and Universal Music Publishing allows conditions to register the composition.

Our goal is to be a breeding ground for new music talent who come from the favela and who don’t have the opportunity to record, because it’s too expensive, [tem] a whole structure. Now, we’re going to have a state-of-the-art studio, at zero cost. The label’s idea is this: to give opportunity to young people from the favela who don’t have access to a state-of-the-art studio to release their songs”, highlighted Ricardo Chantilly.

The new studio will operate at the Waly Salomão Cultural Center, in Vigário Geral, in a space with infrastructure that will allow it to receive different audiences. The project also has a partnership with the Brazilian Union of Composers (UBC), with the idea of ​​revealing and developing new artistic talents, transforming the lives of young people in the favelas of Rio.

The executive coordinator of AfroReggae, William Reis, said that communities tend to have many artists who are not always known. “We hope to receive several singers, whether from rap musicgospel, funk, trap, rock, MPB. What matters is the possibility of offering a quality service with high technology for those who want to invest in what they like to do or in the talent they have”, he highlighted.

mini studios

How it operates today in several favelas in Rio de Janeiro, through AfroGames, the first training center for athletes from e-sports in the world’s slums, Chantilly Produções intends, in the second half of this year, to make available mini-studios for people to voice and build an idea of ​​the music they intend to record later, in Vigário Geral’s studio.

The mini beat studios, called beat, will work at the AfroGames centers in the Nova Holanda and Morro do Timbau favelas, in Rio de Janeiro; and Morro do Estado, in Niterói, metropolitan region of Rio. “There, the boy records a demo tape [demo], we send it to Vigário Geral’s studio, where the selection is made. We are going to have this capillarity in all our projects, starting in the second half of the year”, highlighted Ricardo Chantilly.

AfroGames was created in 2019 by Grupo Cultural AfroReggae, together with Chantilly Produções, with the aim of training and professionalizing young people to act and compete in electronic sports, promoting diversity, social transformation and income generation.

The CrespoMusic label, in turn, presents a catalog with hundreds of original phonograms composed for soundtracks of the series produced by AfroReggae Audiovisual, the content creation arm of the cultural organization AfroReggae.

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