Father's Day 2022: Online sales would increase by only 20% due to the situation

Father’s Day 2022: Online sales would increase by only 20% due to the situation

This Sunday, June 19, the , but for small and large businesses the campaign has already started. According to Yuriko Huayana, Country Manager of VTEX Peru, online sales on this special date will only increase by 20%, because despite the complicated national situation, Peruvians are expected to have more cash with the release of the CTS and AFP .

The most demanded categories this year will be mainly technology, home deco and gaming. This responds to the habit of the modern father who has become accustomed to home office and enjoys computer games for moments of leisure and distraction. The average ticket of these categories, according to data from last year, ranges between S/350 to S/500.

Regarding the delivery modality, he pointed out home delivery as the great winner; and urged businesses to offer deliveries in a range of 3 to 8 hours, otherwise the consumer will prefer the purchase option in physical formats or pick up in store.

“Mobile applications are expected to have a weight of 30%, Marketplaces 50% and own websites 20%. This is because the apps have a greater delivery proposal in times less than 1 day, compared to their own platforms. On the other hand, marketplaces will be important because they enjoy a strong advertising investment and more aggressive offers in some cases”, explained Huayana.

Lastly, he maintained that the sale of televisions over the Internet will take off in this campaign, considering the proximity that exists with the playoff matches and the World Cup.


The show of the Councils in regions COST US EXPENSIVE Peru spends an approximate of 17 million soles. In addition, the government sabotages good professionals. Also, the Minsa declares an alert for monkeypox despite the fact that there are no cases in Peru. And, first Russian soldier tried in Ukraine.

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