Father of political prisoner Jorge Luis Boada Valdés: “I fear for my son’s life”

Havana Cuba. – Jorge Luis Boada Ramos, father of Cuban political prisoner Jorge Luis Boada Valdés, 29, who has been held for more than a year in the Valle Grande prison in Havana for painting posters against Cuban ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel, called on the international community to intercede in favor of the release of his son and the rest of the prisoners for political reasons.

“I am not speaking for my son, I am speaking for all the young people like him today who are in different prisons going through the same situation. I call on the entire world to turn in favor of this whole situation of the young political prisoners who are in Cuba serving sanctions for different reasons,” asked Jorge Luis Boada Ramos.

In interview with CubaNetthe man denounced that his son is at risk in the Valle Grande prison where he has been held for more than a year without a trial having been held.

“He is at risk in that place because they have linked him with people who have nothing to do with him, people [recluidas] for common crimes, people who steal, rob, injure, people who are lost,” said Boada Ramos.

The man considered that the protests that took place on July 11, 2021 (11J) in around 60 localities in the country, they motivated many young people to express, in one way or another, their concerns.

The interviewee assured CubaNet who has felt the solidarity of people with the cause of his son. “Many people see me on the street every day and give me tubes of pasta, soap, cigarette boxes… I don’t know these people,” she said.

“My son is not a criminal, they have him unjustly imprisoned. Painting a poster is not a reason to put a person in jail. The fact that he has written a sign with some words that someone did not like is another 20 pesos,” Boada Ramos said.

The father of the young political prisoner also recalled the “spectacular” operation carried out in his home by State Security to find the utensils his son used to paint the posters.

“I have been thinking and analyzing everything that has happened and I say: Gentleman, the security body of a State must deal with things that really deserve it and not go after those nonsense of the one who writes a poster,” he questioned. the man.

Jorge Luis Boada Valdés was arrested in February 2022 for painting three posters against the Cuban regime. “He painted three posters, two in the park on 21 (Lawton, Diez de Octubre) and one in the whereabouts of the buses, that’s why they stop him. He has already been in Valle Grande for a year and two months without suing him, without a prosecutor’s request ”.

At the time this article was published, Boada Valdés had been taken to a punishment cell for wearing a sweater with the phrase “Patria y Vida”, according to information from a relative.

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