Electoral Justice receives 28 thousand registrations of candidacy for the elections

Father Kelmon’s government plan proposes reducing the role of the state

with the name of Roberto Jefferson barred by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the PTB confirmed Father Kelmon, until then candidate for vice, as head of the ticket in the dispute for the Presidency of the Republic. Pastor Gamonal has been nominated as the new vice candidate. The government plan, however, did not change. The document entitled “Right, thank God”, which can be found on the TSE portalproposes the reduction of the role of the State and the convening of a Constituent Assembly to carry out a structural reform.Father Kelmon's government plan proposes reducing the role of the state

Among economic and administrative measures, the PTB slate defends the reduction and simplification of the tax burden, the privatization of state-owned companies that are not self-sustainable or that operate where the private sector is capable of acting; the decrease in personnel expenses, the simplification of labor laws and a single pension scheme, both for private employees and public servants.

The candidacy headed by Father Kelmon is also in favor of hiring in the civil service exclusively through a competitive examination, without guarantee of job stability and with dismissal motivated by performance evaluation.

Father Kelmon also defends the implementation of district voting in legislative electoral processes, that is, states would be divided into small districts that would elect parliamentarians in a majority manner. The plan proposes that only judges with at least fifteen years of experience can take office as magistrates in the Superior Courts and the Federal Supreme Court.

In the educational field, the PTB defends gratuity for pre-school, elementary, secondary and technical secondary education. In the case of higher education, the plan proposes that graduates from public universities reimburse the State.

According to the plan presented, health should be managed as follows: the Union responsible for preventive measures, the states for medical emergencies and the municipalities for monitoring the health of families.

The candidacy also aims to criminalize “christophobia”, and is against the legalization of the cultivation and sale of marijuana, in addition to being in favor of increasing the penalty for the crime of pedophilia. According to the document, the PTB defends that the citizen has the right to possess and carry a firearm for self-defense.

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