Father Edwing Román calls Rosario Murillo “cynical” for “dirtying” the name of God

Father Edwing Román calls Rosario Murillo “cynical” for “dirtying” the name of God

Father Edwing Román, one of the most critical religious voices against the Nicaraguan regime, criticized “the cynicism” of deputy dictator Rosario Murillo for mentioning the name of God during the party’s celebration of the 43rd anniversary of the Sandinista popular revolution, an event held the night of Tuesday, July 19, in Managua.

«How cynical Rosario Murillo!: “We serve the people as we serve God”. Mrs, do not continue to dirty the name of God », exhorted the religious to the also first lady, through his Twitter account.

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The statements of the former priest of the San Miguel Arcángel de Masaya church were made after the spokeswoman for the Ortega dictatorship affirmed that his government is Christian and also assured that “love reigns here; here we live calmly, working to prosper».

The prelate’s statement is also based on the fact that Murillo, while mentioning the name of God and boasting of his questionable religious faith, did not waste his moment in an open signal to rant against the opposition and the United States government.

“Hatred does not reign here. Neither could nor will they (…) We are forces of victories, force of revolution; strength of an awareness that is renewed and grows every day. strength of bravery, anti-imperialist force, because here we have suffered them, but we have also expelled them and defeated them at all times. Here that Yankee enemy of humanity has found the last of his shoe », ranted

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He added that his regime wants to live without submission, because “we are not slaves; we won here 43 years ago and before, because the heroism and sacrifices of our heroes and martyrs left us the duty to fight, to believe and to create the new homeland, the homeland of all, the homeland with which the God of all the victories, that God, merciful, powerful, omnipotent who knows that this is his people and that he is full of love…».

Murillo, who led the July 19 act together with Ortega, assured that his regime “is not a sellout, “we are not made for treason, on the contrary, we are made of vigor and glory and we are made for freedom, the brotherhood, the joy, the revolution».

Father Edwing Román describes Rosario Murillo as “cynical” for “dirtying” the name of God. Photo: Article 66 / Government

“We have the right to live in peace, the right to build from peace, the right to live with love and to reject and repudiate hate forever. Here our blue and white flag rescued once again with the red and black flag proudly reflects our victorious struggles against the Yankee, enemy of humanity and against his servile and lackeys », he stressed in reference to the Nicaraguan opposition.

The deputy president spoke for more than 40 minutes before giving way to the central speech by Daniel Ortega, who followed the same discursive line as his wife, ranting against the Catholic Church, the United States, opponents and annulling any possibility of dialogue to get out of the crisis he is experiencing. the country.

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