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FAO and COONAPIP sign Letter of Understanding in favor of the original peoples of Panama

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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the National Coordinator of Indigenous Peoples of Panama (COONAPIP) signed a Letter of Understanding to reiterate joint commitments in favor of the native peoples of Panama and their territories.

FAO and COONAPIP agree to continue working together to contribute to territorial governance and forest monitoring, incorporating guidelines and general strategic lines of collaboration, and in turn, integrates elements agreed between both organizations, such as: Fostering the exchange of knowledge and establishing articulation of actions according to the mandates and scope of both organizations.

Promote collaboration and joint construction of capacity building for territorial security, gender equality and recognition of rights and access to land.

Coordinate training in the use of technological tools developed by FAO in
in the form of technical guides and online courses, and in terms of advanced remote sensing technologies and data analysis, aimed at technicians from organized indigenous territories.

The Letter of Understanding also proposes establishing technical reference criteria to guarantee the installation of two forest monitoring centers as a pilot model within indigenous territories.

Support the management of future investment programs of international funds, for the follow-up of Territorial Security and Territorial Governance activities, which must be presented by COONAPIP to the different Congresses and Traditional Councils.

In addition, the document seeks to support the exchange of experiences in community monitoring of forests and territorial governance and serve as a link with government entities and support dialogues with key actors.

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