FANB seizes vehicles, weapons and ammunition from the Guayana Train

FANB seizes vehicles, weapons and ammunition from the Guayana Train

Members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) seized vehicles, weapons and ammunition belonging to the Guayana Train in Bolívar state.

The information was provided by the head of the FANB Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb), Domingo Hernández Lárez.

About, Hernandez Larez detailed that the FANB seized seven trucks and two vehicles from the criminal group, as well as weapons, ammunition and other materials of criminal interest.

«FANB seizes in Bolívar 7 trucks, 2 vehicles, weapons, ammunition and other materials of criminal interest from the armed criminal group calling itself El Tren de Guayana. Venezuela is a State of law and justice. Any group outside the law will be dismantled!”, the head of Ceofanb posted on Twitter.

On the other hand, Hernández Lárez reported that a FANB patrol located and destroyed security checkpoints. the band the 3Rsdedicated to illegal mining in protected areas of Bolívar state.

In this regard, it indicated: “#FANB patrol locates and destroys alert booths of the armed criminal group Las 3R, dedicated to the destruction of the environment and illegal exploitation of minerals, in a protected forest area of ​​Bolívar state.”

As will be remembered, it was recently dismantled in the Bolívar state a paramilitary training center also linked to the criminal organization The 3R, which was used for the criminal actions of the group.

Likewise, in the Guayana region, a grave with human bones located in an illegal mining tunnel was found.

“In security and defense operations to preserve the environment and fight against armed criminal groups associated with illegal mining, drug trafficking and human trafficking in the Guayana region #FANB locates a grave with human bones in an illegal mining tunnel,” said Hernández Lárez in your account on the social network.

FANB detains 7 subjects dedicated to illegal mining

On the other hand, through Operation Roraima, the FANB detained seven undocumented citizens engaged in illegal mining.

“Operation Roraima 2022. FANB detains 7 subjects without any documentation who, outside the law and disrespecting the territorial legal system, were devastating and undermining the environment using non-traditional methods in a prohibited area for mining exploitation,” published the head of Ceofanb, together to photographs of the military operation.

These actions are part of the permanent deployment of the FANB on the country’s borders and entities to fight against illegal mining practices and actions against the environment and the country’s Forest Reserves.

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