FANB disabled aircraft number 22

FANB disabled aircraft number 22

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces disabled a plane that entered Venezuelan airspace without authorization in the border area with Colombia. This is the 22nd disabled aircraft so far this year, and the 300th since 2012.

The information was published by the strategic operational commander of the FANB, General Domingo Hernandez Larezon his twitter account.

“Invading aircraft detected in flagrante delicto violating Venezuelan airspace and violating all kinds of international regulations and conventions, without permits, without call signs and without identification. The FANB in ​​exercise of sovereignty arrives at the 22nd disabled plane of the year, ”he published.

Hernández Larez also recalled that 300 aircraft have been disabled since 2012.

Likewise, he ratified the commitment to protect the national territory. “The FANB will guarantee the integrity of our sovereign space through military defense.”

FANB destroys clandestine runways

«FANB striving to fulfill its mission of making respect the sovereignty of his people, destroys one by one the clandestine airstrips built by the TANCOLs in the national territory» the FANB operational strategic commander later published.

These actions are part of the fight that has been carried out in the cross-border axes of the country to put an end to drug trafficking and the armed terrorist groups of Colombian drug traffickers (Tancol), who from Colombia intend to invade the spaces of the national territory.

The president of the Republic, Nicholas Madurourged the FANB to keep the national territory free of drug trafficking, and ordered to declare the year 2022, 100% free of the Tancol and their actions in the country.

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