FANB destroys equipment used to build illegal runways Tancol

FANB destroys equipment used to build illegal runways Tancol

Members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) located and destroyed a tractor buried by the group of Armed Terrorist Narcotraffickers Colombians (Tancol) in the municipality Romulo Gallegos from Apure state, equipment used to build makeshift illegal runways.

The information was released on Tuesday by the head of the FANB’s Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb), Domingo Hernández Lárez, on his Twitter account. He specified that the tractor was located after aerial landing operations to destroy illegal airstrips.

He also said that the irregular groups intended to “evade the observation of the troops with their secret hiding place,” where they found the equipment to build the tracks.

Hernández Lárez explained that these vehicles are used by the Tancol groups to work the land.

The head of Ceofanb stressed that they remain deployed in the Rómulo Gallegos municipality of Apure state, carrying out “work to disable illegal runways, not authorized by the national government, built by TANCOL groups on the margins of the geodesic line, on the axis cross-border to circumvent the law.

He specified that the military keep working of “road clearance, anti explosive sweepdestruction of invading logistics structures, rendering runways and aircraft useless».

FANB guarantees peace in Venezuela

The actions carried out on the cross-border axis are intended to guarantee “national sovereignty” and continue with “the fight against drug trafficking,” said Hernández Lárez.

The head of Ceofanb stressed that these operations guarantee “the freedom and independence of the nation”, and stated that the FANB “will remain deployed for as long as necessary to maintain national peace.”

The scrutinizing and patrolling tasks carried out by the FANB in ​​the country’s border axes seek to keep Venezuelan territory free of operations linked to drug trafficking, under the premise of declaring 2022 as the year 100% free of the Tancol groups, as ordered by the President of the Republic, Nicholas Maduro.

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