FANB deactivates four improvised Tancol explosives in Apure

FANB deactivates four improvised Tancol explosives in Apure

Four improvised explosives belonging to the Armed Terrorist Narcotrafficking groups of Colombia (Tancol) were detected and deactivated by members of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB), Apure state, informed the Strategic Operational Commander of the FANB (Ceofanb), Domingo Hernández Lárez.

In a message posted on his account on the social network Twitter, Hernández Lárez explained that the finding It was done in the La Capilla sector of the Páez municipality, Apure state.

«In the La Capilla sector of the Páez municipality, explosives experts from the FANB detected and deactivated 4 improvised explosives. FANB in ​​the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking of unscrupulous groups that try to use our territory as a platform, “he said on Twitter.

Hernández Lárez explained that the explosive military personnel continue, “despite the immanent danger intrinsic to their specialty, constantly sweeping roads and areas in the Apureño territory, freeing it from explosive devices planted by the Tancols to cause terror in the town.” .

Faced with this new discovery and the continuous accurate blows to drug trafficking activities, which irregular groups intend to install in the country, the Head of Ceofanb guaranteed that the FANB is “deployed guaranteeing national security and sovereignty throughout our cross-border axis”.

FANB warns against Tancol groups

The FANB continues to be alert and to combat the illicit actions committed by the Tancols in the border areas of the country.

Military personnel remain vigilant for any transfer of drugs through the national territory, whether by land, sea, rivers, or air.

The Venezuelan military have maintained the work of patrollingland surveys, elimination and disable of structures built by the Tancols to carry out their crimes linked to drug trafficking.

hot pursuit

In recent days, the actions of the FANB have been more intense in the seas and rivers, with persecution maneuvers against the irregular groups that seek to penetrate the country.

In this sense, through images published by the head of Ceofanb, Domingo Hernández Lárez, one can see the “hot pursuit” of a Tancol gang member with “5 200 hp engines, while trying to circumvent the positions of advanced elements of the Joint Task Force installed in the Paraguaná Peninsula by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the FANB, Nicolás Maduro.

The same procedure was carried out in the Delta, as can be seen through the images published by the Head of Ceofanb on Twitter.

Frontal fight against drug trafficking

All these actions and operations carried out by the FANB seek to completely eliminate structures “that support paramilitary groups, smugglers, traffickers of illegal mining, drug trafficking,” said Hernández Lárez.

He also stressed that Venezuela is a territory of peace.

Highest drug seizure in a decade

On September 5, the Operational Strategic Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, Domingo Hernández Lárez, reported the seizure of 2,864.5 kilos of drugs between cocaine and marijuana, as part of the actions of the Bolivarian Shield, carried out through Operation Cacique Manaure, in the Tiraya population located on the Paraguaná Peninsula, in the state of Falcón.

“The seizure of a peñero with 12 crew members and more than two and a half tons of drugs between marijuana and cocaine,” explained the Ceofanb Commander.

He specified that in this Manaure operation, 12 Venezuelans who came from the east of the national territory were hired, among them: peñeros, boat mechanics, among others, in addition, 30 clandestine tracks were discovered.

“In this boat they had been hired by Colombian citizens in Alta Guajira, they belong to the La Guajira cartel, they left from Ríohacha, Cabo de la Vela and Pata de Gallina, control center of this drug trafficking from the neighboring country.”

FANB performances

These operations are carried out to completely eliminate the irregular groups, an order issued by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, who urged the FANB to declare 2022 as the year 100% free of Tancol groups Throughout the national territory.

In response to this, members of the Bolivarian National Armed Force remain active, executing different operations against the Tancol drug traffickers throughout the national territory.

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