FANB captured two subjects for chopping submarine cable in Lake Maracaibo

FANB captured two subjects for chopping submarine cable in Lake Maracaibo

Members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) captured two citizens for cutting a submarine cable in Lake Maracaibo belonging to the Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) company, reported the head of the Operational Strategic Command (Ceofanb), Domingo Hernández Lárez.

Through his account on the social network Twitter, the head of Ceofanb explained that “2 unscrupulous and stateless citizens were caught biting the submarine cable of Lake Maracaibo belonging to the company PDVSA».

Likewise, he stressed that the full weight of the law will be applied to citizens, “for going against the people themselves”, by destroying cables, equipment and strategic instruments of the country, he added.

Hernández Lárez explained that the capture of these subjects is due to the permanent fight against “urban predators and miners, who attack strategic installations to the detriment of the well-being of our people.”

The FANB, the head of Ceofanb reiterated, “runs through our cross-border axis daily, doing prophylaxis to provide peace and calm to our population.”

“We will not allow the installation of any structure that goes against our national sovereignty,” he stressed.

FANB deactivated two explosive devices

On the other hand, and as part of the permanent scrutiny and patrol work carried out by the FANB and the Bolivarian Militia, located and deactivated two improvised explosive devices in the La Coromoto sector, in the Páez municipality in Apure state.

“La Coromoto Mcpio Páez-Apure sector, URRA of the Militia made the discovery of 02 TANCOL cylinder-type improvised explosive devices of 50 kg and 09 04 kg improvised explosive devices, being deactivated by combat engineers, secured by rapid action troops”, Hernandez Larez specified.

100% Tancol free

The actions carried out by the FANB military personnel are part of operations carried out in the cross-border axis of the country to completely eliminate the irregular groups, called Colombian Drug Trafficking Armed Terrorists (Tancol).

This order was given by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, who urged the FANB to put an end to criminal activities of these groups.

“Whatever they are called, wherever they are, they are enemies of the Constitution, and I declare that by 2022 the country will be 100% free of irregular groups,” said the head of state.

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