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FAN celebrates “voluntary evacuation” of 4,000 residents of Yapacana National Park

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On July 1, an operation began to end illegal mining in the Yapacana National Park, which would consist of the evacuation of this area due to the “illegal and arbitrary stay” of these people in a “State security zone.”

The head of the Strategic Operational Command of the National Armed Forces (Ceofan), Domingo Hernández Lárez, reported this Friday, July 7, that at least 4,000 people “voluntarily” left the Yapacana National Park for environmental reasons.

Through a post on Twitter, Hernández Lárez reasoned that this evacuation would contribute to the preservation of the human species. He also acknowledges that it is impossible to restore the damage caused by illegal mining in the area.

«More than 4,000 people have voluntarily abandoned the Yapacana National Park, internalizing that with their evacuation action they will contribute to the salvation of the human species on the planet, and that there is no way to restore the damage caused by illegal mining in these environments. Under Special Administration,” he said.

Four days earlier, Hernández Lárez himself announced the start of a process to evacuate the national park “for illegal and arbitrary stay in a state security zone and environmental depredation.”

A day later, Nicolás Maduro announced during a speech that more than 2,000 illegal miners had been evicted from the place, although he warned that more than 10,000 were living in the area.

“Do you know how many illegal miners there are in that area? More than 10,000. We have already evicted almost 2,000 of these illegal miners who established a region and have destroyed the entire area, in a reprehensible act that generates significant damage to the ecosystem,” Maduro said.

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Despite the fact that the decision from the FAN and the Government is to evacuate the park and dismantle all the camps and structures used for mining, Hernández Lárez speaks of a “voluntary evacuation.” In the video that he published, he shows how approximately 20 people aboard a peñero say goodbye to the place.

Measures to curb illegal mining in the Yapacana National Park are not new. For months, Ceofan has published information on various operations. However, environmental groups warn that the situation has not been controlled.

The Environment Observatory (EPA project) from FundaRedes published a video in which it warned about the risk suffered by at least 46 species of endemic reptiles and amphibians due to illegal exploitation.

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