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Family of Mayor José Carlos Acevedo will let him “go alone”

The Acevedo family made the decision not to disconnect Mayor José Carlos, who this Saturday was left brain dead.

Ronald Acevedo, governor of Amambay, mentioned to the media that his brother’s diagnosis is already irreversible, however, they will wait for his final death to occur naturally, because they will not disconnect him.

“The family’s decision is that he go alone, we are going to wait until the last. We are going to be with him in the hospital waiting, it was the will of God and we respect it. He will continue to be connected to the machine, but the doctors told us that he will decompensate, “he said.

The governor directly blamed President Mario Abdo Benítez for the fact, because since he assumed power (4 years) he abandoned Amambay.

“We always told him that there was a lot of insecurity and crime in the department, but he never listened to us. He is a useless reverend, there is no other adjective to give him, but I don’t think he is impeached. Paraguay does not deserve a president like Mario Abdo”, he stated.

Acevedo said that 7 months ago he lost his daughter Hayleé, also in an act of hired assassins, to date there has been no progress in the investigation and no authority approached him, so he did the errands on his own. “So, what can I expect from this government,” he questioned.

Mayor Jose Carlos Acevedo was left brain dead after suffering an attack on May 17. His brain stopped working 100%, doctors reported this Saturday.

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