Family Day: Five recommendations for traveling with peace of mind

Family Day: Five recommendations for traveling with peace of mind

Within the framework of Family Day, celebrated on September 11, many decide to take a trip with their closest nucleus, to share experiences, get away from everyday stress and spend more time with their loved ones.

Although tastes and styles are different, Peruvian families share an interest in gastronomy and tourism, which find their maximum expression traveling.

It is because of that, a company dedicated to providing comprehensive travel assistance, recommends what to do to enjoy the family trip in peace:

  1. Have valid documents: Before starting a trip, it is necessary to verify that the passports and identity documents are valid at the time of the trip. In the case of the passport, a minimum period of 6 months is recommended before leaving the country. In the event that these documents are expired, it is advisable to go to the or to (RENIEC).
  2. Arrive on time at the airport: For an international trip, it is advisable to arrive three hours before, since there may be some inconvenience with the luggage, the flight or another external problem.
  3. Carry out check in in advance: 48 hours before the trip, it is important to make the check in through the website of the selected airline. It is recommended to print the boarding pass to prevent any inconvenience at the airport and delay in registration.
  4. Acquire a travel assistance: It is important to have assistance that covers urgent or medical emergencies during the trip and that also offers specific coverage, such as theft or loss of documents, early return of travel due to a serious accident at the traveler’s home, reimbursement of expenses for delayed or canceled flights. , among many other services.
  5. Book accommodation: It is advisable to choose accommodation in specialized pages that show the rating of other travelers regarding their experience, according to the most demanded services and the family budget. For a family trip, it is important to consider that they have attractions for the little ones in the house, such as swimming pools, games, Wi-Fi, among others.

“Before starting a family trip, it is important to take into account certain scenarios that can become a risk threat for all members of a family. Those children who have a traveling and cautious family, will have from their young age an ideal base to acquire new knowledge regarding travel, and will inherit the virtue of knowing how to share with the beings they love the most”, commented Agustín Aveiro, Country Manager of Assist Card Peru.

After the flexibility of the sanitary measures, many families plan to travel in the short term in order to spend quality time and discover new tourist places. Therefore, it is important to follow all the recommendations mentioned in order to enjoy a trip without unforeseen events.

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