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Families open their own houses delivered by the Mayor’s Office of Caracas

The Bolivarian Mayor of Caracas handed over the keys own houses for 16 families who were refugees in the capital, through the Secondary Market modality, reported the mayoress Carmen Melendez on your social media account.

“This year we have acquired 36 homes, which have been delivered to families who were in shelters, after losing their properties and being at risk. A challenge that we set ourselves and that we are fulfilling for the joy of the people of Caracas, ”he wrote through @gestionperfecta.

Meléndez pointed out that, on this occasion, 86 people were benefited, who with great joy received the corresponding documents and the keys to their homes as new owners of their family residence.

“And we continue working, with a lot of love, to attend to each case and offer well-being to more families,” Meléndez said.



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