Families from the Osvaldo Pugliese school denounced "harassment" of the Buenos Aires government

Families from the Osvaldo Pugliese school denounced "harassment" of the Buenos Aires government

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Families that supported the taking of the Osvaldo Pugliese School reported this Thursday “harassment and persecution” of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires by sending notifications of the initiation of a lawsuit for alleged violation of the Contraventional Code.

“We publicly denounce the method of harassment and persecution of the GCBA” the families assured in a statement and stressed that the purpose is “to try to divide the educational community and discipline” their children.

According to relatives in a communication between the City Prosecutor’s Office and the Police they are given a period of three days to present themselves for an alleged infraction of article 60 of the Contravencional Code.

In the second point of the internal communication disseminated by the relatives, it is highlighted that “police personnel will immediately be commissioned to the educational establishment in question in order to internalize the situation”

The parents point out that “shortly after celebrating 40 years of democracy, They try to deflect the forceful claim of the kids and discipline.”

The parents demanded “the immediate cancellation of the sending of intimidating letters and the protection of the identity” of their children and blamed the Minister of Education, Soledad Acunaand the head of government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretaof “all the damage it may cause” to their families.

The conflict that began more than a week ago is demanding better food, building infrastructure and against the current internships in companies.

The Government of Buenos Aires, in addition to the letters and complaints to the relatives, assured that He will sue them with 1.5 million pesos a day for each day of taking.

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