False witness in accusation against Bishop Álvarez arrives in the US with the humanitarian parole

False witness in accusation against Bishop Álvarez arrives in the US with the humanitarian parole

the sandinista Gabriela Alejandra Rayo Castrooriginally from Matagalpa, and who served as a witness against Monsignor Rolando Alvarezarrived in the United States, benefited from the humanitarian parole, as revealed by the lawyer Yader Morazán, a former official of the Judiciary.

The jurist explained that along with the false witness who appears in the accusation against the bishop of Matagalpa, her husband, the well-known paramilitary, arrived in the North American country. Juan Alberto Soza Jarquinand his sons.

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“Both recipients deleted all their revolutionary posts, at the request of their sponsor Anna Soza Jarquin», said the expert in the administration of justice, through his Twitter account.

Despite the fact that the sycophants of the Ortega and Murillo regime tried to erase the evidence of their fanaticism so that there would be no obstacle to their being received, Morazán published some videos in which they appear, along with other people, carrying AKA-47 rifles, dancing ” The commander stays”, a flattering song to the dictator of Nicaragua.

«Now they will be able to complete the dance group they founded in Matagalpa. Soza paramilitary family (…) Even if they need to carry their Ak-47s, just as their host family in Miami has been doing,” said the jurist, exiled in the United States.

“Family of Criminals”

On the other hand, Yader Morazán said that, as has happened with dozens of Sandinista sympathizers who have acted against opponents, “it is not a secret that this family is dedicated to criminal actions in the city of Matagalpa.”

The illegal actions, according to the lawyer, of the militants of the dictatorship, range from attacks on activities of the Catholic Church, to being false witnesses and paramilitaries.

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He also stressed that, even after leaving Nicaragua for the United States, one of the Soza family published images of “an opponent who went into exile for his safety.”

As for Gabriela Rayo Morazán, he affirmed that he was sure that she was a false witness against Monsignor Álvarez, and that she ended up with the exile of priests from Matagalpa, “she did not say what she was involved in.”

“I am also sure that he did not say that after breaking the windows of the house of the opponent Félix Adán Castillo Callejas he became the victim and in collusion with his wife accused him, using the justice system, as they usually do in Matagalpa,” added.

Another of the criminal acts carried out by the paramilitary Juan Alberto Soza, and revealed by Morazán, was “the favor” that the Matagalpa Prosecutor’s Office did him so as not to charge him with the crime for his participation in the events that ended with the femicide of the US citizen. Ariana Martinez Garcia, despite having been mentioned in the accused facts.

The arrival of the Soza Rayo family to North American lands adds to the dozens of fanatics and state workers who have left Nicaragua, after they swore allegiance to the dictators Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

Most of the supporters of the Ortega regime have benefited from the humanitarian parole, a temporary stay permit that is granted for urgent humanitarian reasons to citizens of Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela and Haiti who are victims of their governments.

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