Falls subject who changed his identity to commit illicit acts;  even the Chilean justice is looking for him

Falls subject who changed his identity to commit illicit acts; even the Chilean justice is looking for him

Alexander Franco Vicersa, aka ‘Pica’, used to change identities, even nationality, to commit various criminal acts. For this reason he is even wanted by the Chilean justice system, where he is accused of stabbing a young man during a brawl with a family from the neighboring country.

The defendant was apprehended on Monday in the El Retoño market, located at the end of Montecristo Avenue, after pretended to be a customer to distract a shopkeeper and steal his cell phone from his store. However, this illicit act was seen by other vendors, who chased him until they captured him.

The Commander of the Santa Cruz Police, Erik Holguín, indicated that the man identified himself by the name of Jhon Kevin Calzadillaof Venezuelan nationality, before the members of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc), when he was transferred to police cells in the Pampa de la Isla.

However, after reviewing the data, it became clear that the real name of the person arrested is Alexander Franco Vicersa, 19 years old. Also, it was learned that he was also wanted for a rape complaint aggravated on February 28, 2019.

In the process of rape, registered in Villa Primero de Mayo, justice is prosecuting the accused with the name of Dilan Saucedo, because with this identity he had presented himself to the victim.

Holguin reported that the Chilean justice is also looking for Alexander Francofor the crime of minor and serious injuries, which he had committed on January 4, against a young Chilean who defended his girlfriend from the defendant’s attacks.

In the neighboring country the apprehended he identified himself with the name of Thiago Alejandro Eslava vice versa. After committing the attack in the Tarapacá region of Iquique, the accused fled to Bolivia.

The police commander said is processing the transfer of the detainee to Chilebecause the authorities of the neighboring country require him to be tried for the crime he committed.

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