Falls network that prepared cakes and other foods with hydroponic marijuana

Falls network that prepared cakes and other foods with hydroponic marijuana

The Attorney General’s Office together with the National Police, They managed to impact the drug trafficking structure known as “The Distributors”. The authorities discovered an illegal modality to process narcotics, hide them and market them.

Eight alleged members of the organization were captured in search and raid procedures carried out in Neiva and Rivera (Huila).

In addition, 12 cell phones, digital grameras, cash, synthetic drugs such as: pink cocaine (2CB) or Lidocaine, coca base paste and cocaine hydrochloride were seized. Apparently, “The Distributors” cultivated hydroponic marijuana, developed through mineral solutions without the need for soil, in two properties located in Neiva and Rivera.

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According to the investigation, it was established that the criminal group would recently be preparing cakes, brownies and other bakery products with hydroponic marijuanaand put them up for sale in the so-called ‘vice places’, in educational settings and public places.

Among the detainees are two women, who would be the main articulators of “The Distributors.” They are Sandra Milena Toledo Zúñiga, alias ‘Sandra’; and Jennifer Plazas Rivera, alias ‘Paola’. They allegedly acquired chemical inputs in different cities for the processing of marijuana and other drugs.

The aforementioned network vendors, Yohan Sebastian Reyes Urrea, alias ‘Sebastián’, were also captured; Diana Marcela Cruz, alias ‘Diana’; Mayerly Vanessa Cuellar Sierra, aka ‘Vanessa’; and Carlos Antonio Torres Chaux, alias ‘Carlos’.

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On the other hand, Jhon Jaime Murcia Bermeo, alias ‘Jaime’; and Lizardo Plazas Rivera, alias ‘Lizardo’, They would be involved in the logistics and transportation of precursors and food products made with marijuana.

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