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Fallen trees, roofless houses and chaos, the aftermath left by the storm

Wednesday night was marked by intense rainfall and electrical storms that hit various parts of the country, fulfilling the forecast of the Meteorology Directorate.

The Central department was probably one of the most affected by this climatic phenomenon, with intense gusts of wind that caused considerable damage in several cities.

Fallen trees and poles, collapsed billboards, not to mention roofless homes and damage to certain structures could be seen this morning in daylight.

One of the affected points was the San Vicente de Paul Parish in Asunción, where the intense winds caused part of the roof to detach, allowing rainwater to enter the interior of the temple.

In the District Hospital of Villa Elisa, the tent set up for the vaccination collapsed due to the same situation. Officials from the National Emergency Secretariat (SEN) are in charge of putting it back in condition.

Several streets were hampered by falling trees. One of the intersections is Zavalas Cué and Nueva Asunción, in Fernando de la Mora, as well as Bruno Guggiari avenue.

On Cacique Lambaré avenue, a gigantography also collapsed with the storm, preventing the passage of vehicles that had to take an alternative detour.

Lambaré was one of the cities most affected by the storm, with several houses that were also left homeless as well as a large number of trees.

Part of the wall of the field of the 29 de Septiembre club, located on Vencedores del Chaco avenue, collapsed due to the strong winds last night.

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