Falero: “We have to generate a State policy on infrastructure”

The Minister of Transport and Public Works, José Luis Falero, participated in the Mobility Conference 2022organized by the Center for Metropolitan Studies and highlighted the need for the country to generate instances of exchange between public actors –national, departmental and local– and private actors to plan an infrastructure agenda with a medium and long-term perspective, and thus avoiding uncoordinated interventions.

“It is essential that we take the issue of mobility and infrastructure in the metropolitan area as a duty of the entire political system,” said the minister. In this framework, he emphasized: «If I have to lead an area of ​​dialogue from the Ministry, I am willing to sponsor that movement. It is essential for the country so that, from then on, we begin to be clear that there is a roadmap that must be fulfilled ».

Falero stressed that the Ministry is working to improve some works that would have required greater coordination during their planning. An example of this is the perimeter ring of Montevideo, which will extend to route 1. Also the interchange that is being built on route 5, in the vicinity of the Metropolitan Food Unit, to order circulation.

Also participating in the panel were the Director of Mobility of the Municipality of Montevideo, Pablo Inthamoussu; the CEO of the Saceem Group, Alejandro Ruibal; and the President of Stiler, Marcos Taranto.

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