Falconianas join the Venezuelan Congress of Women

Falconianas join the Venezuelan Congress of Women

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela was activated in the state of Falcón to promote the participation of women in the III Venezuelan Congress of Women to be held in Caracas.

Social movements hold assemblies to capture the largest number of women and thus meet the goal set for the state.

The state director of the Ministry of Communes Franjalimar Higuera convened a meeting with the community members of the Miranda municipality in the session chamber of the Legislative Council of the state of Falcón, where the women also discussed issues to present at the meeting.

“This is mainly to promote the Venezuelan women’s congress and specifically everything related to its registration, which will be held until May 31 and where a debate will be promoted that calls for building the future with the resistance of women. women, specifically from this communal sector,” he asserted.

The first authority on communes in the region extolled the presence and work of women within the comprehensive development of the country, women being synonymous with resistance and fighting for their strength in times of economic war and pandemic.

Higuera stated that the call is open for the entire Falconian territory, so the “violet points” have been deployed to collect proposals in every corner of the 25 municipalities of the entity.

Congressman Ulises Daal, who is responsible for the communes and social movements of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, took the opportunity to recognize the fundamental role of women in the progress of the state and the country, while urging them to continue standing up to fight from the spokesperson of their respective communities for the benefit of all.

The purple points are active in the 25 municipalities of the entity

feminist agenda

Responding to the call of President Nicolás Maduro for the construction of the feminist agenda and the lines of the Minister of Women and Gender Equality Diva Guzmán, the women of the Carirubana municipality debated a set of proposals within the framework of the III Venezuelan Congress of Women based on in the four central lines focused on contributing to the new stage of the rights of Venezuelan women.

The councilwoman and president of the municipal chamber of Carirubana Sabrina Leal highlighted that the leaders discussed the role of women in each of the productive sectors.

“We want to raise our voice so that the women of Carirubana are served in a social way and projects can also be created to improve our municipality,” she asserted.

“We invite all women consistent with the social struggle to participate in the congress, to register at the 22 violet points arranged in the municipality to continue building a feminist, inclusive and progressive homeland,” added Mayor Abel Petit. and the first combatant Katerine de Petit.

active leaders

The women of the different movements that make life in the Paraguaná Peninsula seek to relaunch and strengthen the dynamics of the organization in the communities.

From the Carirubana, Los Taques and Falcón municipalities, the women joined the feminist and revolutionary agenda, as confirmed by the director of the Regional Institute for Women, Carilis Bravo, accompanied by the mayor and political chief of the Los Taques municipality, María Arcaya.

“Fixed and itinerant violet points were activated for this activity; in addition to house-to-house deployment to guarantee the goal of participation in the state and comply with the guidelines of the Ministry of People’s Power for Women and Gender Equality, “said the official.

Institutions that join

Institutions attached to the regional executive lent their spaces to promote the participation of women workers for the III Venezuelan Congress of Women.

In Fundaregión, its president Alejandro Gutiérrez declared “let’s go to the auction”, to ensure that no Falconian woman is left without being part of the battalion of women leaders

He expressed the party’s willingness to fight for social demands, as well as the government’s efforts to provide well-being to its citizens through responses and modernization.

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