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Falcón, Yaracuy and Táchira after tropical wave 41: Flooded houses and isolated areas

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Falcón, Yaracuy and Táchira after tropical wave 41: Flooded houses and isolated areas

Although andhe president of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, José Pereira, reported that the tropical wave left the country on Friday, October 7 and that it was west of the La Guajira Peninsula, rains are still forecast for the weekend; so the population is asked to remain calm and stay away from the tributaries

The rains caused by Tropical Wave 41 have affected the country from end to end and have caused damage in several states. Among the most affected are Falcón, Yaracuy and Táchira, where losses of homes, floods, isolated areas and deaths are reported.

The Los Corales de Tucacas sector, Falcón state, is one of the most affected; so city hall crews had to “cut” the road to allow the flood to subside.

On the night of Friday, October 7, the Aroa river overflowedin the Silva municipality of this entity, after 48 hours of intense rains, which resulted in flooded houses in this population.

The mayor of the Silva municipality, Osnel Arnías, reported that no deaths have been recorded and that a team from the mayor’s office, firefighters and Civil Protection are still working to supervise the bilge, cleaning of channels and pipes.

The inhabitants of the area are called for calm.

Nevertheless, Táchira is the entity that has registered the highest number of deathswith a total of 14 records product of the rains. Governor Freddy Bernal assured that they are pending the impact of the rainfall and assured that 40 houses had total losses in seven municipalities.

In the same way, Bernal said that they work together with all the mayors, without distinction of political flag, to resolve the emergency situation that has generated this tropical wave.

He stressed that there are sectors that have not been able to be served due to the risk of sending workers, but he promises solutions.

On the other hand, the mayor of Veroes, in Yaracuy, activated a special care plan for the more than 300 families affected by the rains. The mayor of this municipality, Leonaldo Machado, reported that the villages of Las Minas, La Gruta, Cascarón, Maporal, La Fragua and El Torito were flooded by the flooding of rivers, streams and pipes.

He asks the inhabitants of this area of ​​Yaracuy to stay alert and stay away from the tributaries.

ANDl President of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh), José Pereira, reported that tropical depression 13 left the country on Friday, October 7, and that it was located west of the La Guajira Peninsula.

Pereira explained that the values ​​of rainfall recorded on Wednesday and Thursday, from the east to the center of the country, were found in values ​​of 24 ovals, “which represents the historical value for a month of rainfall, which is why it affected us a lot, in the saturation of the land, landslides and floods in low-lying areas».

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More rain forecast

Louis Vargasa meteorologist specializing in forecasts, assured Radio Faith and Joy that the rains will continue in the country during this weekend.

Vargas forecast isolated rains for this Saturday, October 8, especially in the west of the country due to the effects of the tropical wave number 41. However, he indicated that it is moving away towards the western Caribbean, “but it will still leave some influence.”

The meteorologist estimates that on Sunday, October 9, there will be a trough in the eastern Caribbean, which he says is typical at this time of year.

He maintains that this trough will favor the appearance of “important” rains, especially in the west, center-north, the central plains, some part of the northeast and also in the Guayana region.

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