Failures found by the Attorney General's Office in the reconstruction of Providencia

Failures found by the Attorney General’s Office in the reconstruction of Providencia

During his visit to the insular zone of the country, the president, Gustavo Petro, pointed out that there cost overruns in the construction of houses in Providenciaheavily affected by ‘Hurricane Iota’ in 2020.

(The costs in the reconstruction of Providencia that Petro denounced).

“Perfectly, with cultural architectures the same houses could have been built, perhaps three times cheaper, and the process would not have cost 1.2 billion pesos,” Petro said.

In this regard, the national media EL TIEMPO was able to learn that the Comptroller’s Office has already carried out a follow-up report on this reconstruction, which ended on August 2.

According to the document, the houses delivered to the victims have structural and planning flaws. In addition, “after-sales” claims have been filed by residents.

(Vertical equity and other basic concepts to understand the tax).

“In the homes built of steel, the railings and windows had quality problems, which according to the report have been solved with the change of the defective elements. During the month of August and September 2022, visits will be made to address these complaints. “says the report.

Another fault found was the overflow of septic tanks.“The failures evidenced in the basic sanitation systems of the houses are worrying due to the lack of these or failures, which has caused the overflow of the septic tanks of the houses, which affects the families and the environment of the island.”

In the case of San Andrés, the Attorney General’s Office indicates that “there is no evidence of speed in the process of repairing homes on the island, and the government does not have the financial closure necessary to carry out the intervention of all the homes.”

(Changes to the tax? These are the 3 modifications that it would have).

And about the delays in the construction of the Hospital, The report reports that: “Despite the fact that the resources were transferred to the Collective Investment Fund, the mayor of Providencia reported at the work table held on July 22, 2022 in San Andrés that the works had not started.”

What does the Duke government say?

Susana Correa, who led the Department for Social Prosperity, reacted to Petro’s words through Twitter.

“The reconstruction of Providencia is not known in the ephemeral step of a morning, nor is it supported by the information of a single voice. Strategic decisions embodied in management and planning instruments allowed a comprehensive intervention. #EsConHechos,” he wrote.

For his part, Víctor Muñoz, former director of the Administrative Department of the Presidency, of Duque, published: “@petrogustavo In Providencia, 737 VAL-type houses are being rebuilt with an average cost of 393 million and areas between 45 and 180 m2 330 shelter-type houses in metal structure and concrete average cost 695 million area between 86 and 111 m2 Hurricane Resistant”.

*With information from EL TIEMPO

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