Faced with foreigners, TSE ministers defend democracy

Faced with foreigners, TSE ministers defend democracy

The Vice President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, and Minister Cármen Lúcia, who is an effective member of the Electoral Court, defended democracy and the electronic voting process in Brazil today (30).Faced with foreigners, TSE ministers defend democracy

The two participated on the morning of this Friday (30), in Brasília, in the second day of a seminar aimed at international observers of the 2022 Elections. The event began yesterday (29), when foreigners were received by the presidents of the TSE, Alexandre de Moraes, from the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Rosa Weber, and from the National Congress, Rodrigo Pacheco.

Today, Lewandowski participated in a panel on the electronic voting system and spoke on the theme “electronic voting machines as an instrument for the expression of popular sovereignty.”

The minister made a historical overview of the electronic voting machine, stressing that the equipment is safe and auditable, in addition to being simple, which favors the accessibility of the vote, which can be performed by voters, from the most to the least educated, including the illiterate.


Lewandowski highlighted the “ease of voting, extreme simplicity in the expression of the vote”. He added that another advantage is the speed with which the result of the vote is known. “This pacifies the country,” he assured.

“There was never any doubt as to the authenticity, security and certainty of what is officially proclaimed by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE)”, said Lewandowski.

Minister Cármen Lúcia then spoke on the topic “Challenges of Democracy in the World and in Latin America”. She stated that, more than mere idealization, this is a political regime that is lived daily.

“When we say democracy is necessary, it’s not about narrative or discourse, we’re talking about what choice we have in life to live,” she said. “Any compromise or attempt to break down democratic constructions in society and in the state is serious,” added the TSE minister.

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