Face to face

Face to face

Recent police and judicial events they can stump anyone. Doubts abound, certainties scarce. And those called to clarify the facts, rather take care of muddying them. Everything belongs to the field of surrealism, as if out of a Dalí painting: The death of the inspector Colodro and the supposed posthumous letter; the shipment of half a ton of cocaine on a commercial flight and the reaction of the authorities, four months later; the sentence to two years in jail for commenting on the wiphala and the kind police insistence on taking the excitable Calvo to his house; the bribery case in a ministry, where the accuser will now become the accused. The aberrations add up and continue.

The sad thing is that we all know that the system is leaking wherever you look at it, but there is no other option than to go with the flow and pretend that we live in normality. To whom to complain, if even the Human Rights office has been taken over by vandals as if nothing had happened, while its courageous and octogenarian owner keeps vigil at the door. Sad, because those who caused this situation know that we know, but they also know that we are getting used to unreason and that there is no longer the ability to react, not even the ability to show indignation at what is happening. We should learn from that courageous lady –Amparo Carvajal–, who, at 84 years old and sick, does not give up, does not give up. Her silent protest is worth a thousand words. Her protest is a forceful message so that those who know that we know know that there are those who know how to defend themselves.

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