Face to face

Face to face

Nine banks host and to the accounts of Fassil savers and borrowers. Tens of thousands of people lived in uncertainty as to what would happen to the deposits they had in that financial institution. Many of them were a lifetime’s savings; in other cases, there were people who entrusted to Fassil the severance received for having stopped working, the assets from the sale of a house, etc. That is why yesterday, when it was disclosed in which bank each client would be, the ASFI system collapsed, because it was not for less the anxiety of knowing, of having certainties about own resources. It is to be hoped that as of today everything can be resolved in the lives of the people who lived in distress, that those who need it can withdraw their funds and those who want to can continue to keep them in an entity that gives them greater confidence.

The proximity of Mother’s Day it allowed me to reflect on ideas about the ‘perfect mother’. These patterns: self-sacrificing, dedicated to their children, to the home, always pending and always perfect, have been the cause of the feeling of guilt of real mothers: who go out to work outside the home, who seek to fulfill themselves as professionals, who make mistakes, they lose patience. And yet, those who give everything and leave their mark on their children are those of flesh and blood, since many times those who try to conform to the ideal pattern live in a bubble, very aware of their personal image, but far from the children and the ability to love and accept themselves as they are.

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