Face to face

Face to face

The latest in Creole political bungling, in the midst of the usual ‘fights’ unleashed by the angst for power between archists and evistas, has to do with the leaking of an audio. It is attributed to ex-minister C. Romero and in which he makes it known that, ignorantly, he will receive “cursed” information. So “damn” that he will be able to raise the people against the government of L. Arce. The aforementioned admitted that it is his voice that is heard, but he says that the recording was edited for convenience and challenges whoever spread it to share it in its entirety.  From the Casa Grande del Pueblo they recommended Romero to go to the psychologist.

In the week ending, Vice President D. Choquehuanca also had a bad time who, with a plea in his voice to those who rejected his presence, was just able to leave the Chimoré airport, fiefdom of cocalero E. Morales who, like every Sunday, will be heard today in its exclusive radio space. It will be another of the ‘messages’ of those who have not had anything good to transmit for a long time. Except speculating about his claims to return to power that keeps him awake, ranting against the management of Arce, -his former ‘capo’ minister in Economy-, and distilling phobias against his enemies, among whom he has just added AGL, his ‘inseparable team ‘ for 15 years.

In this section, I fully subscribe with Manfredo Kempff who in his well-read opinion column says, among other truths, that living listening every day to what politicians say in Bolivia is a punishment that Bolivians do not deserve.

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