Face to face

Face to face

The Bolivian singani, by nature, is now recognized in the United States as Made in Bolivia. This change was born with the help of filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, who was introduced to the drink thanks to his fellow filmmaker, the Bolivian Rodrigo Bellott, who directed the casting for the film CHE, a guerrilla film, filmed in Bolivia (2008). The entry of the Singani 63 to the US changed the volume of exports. According to official data, the US increased imports by 422% in the last decade and will increase from now on. This will benefit 35,000 families directly and 22,000 people indirectly. A curious fact: Japan is the second export destination. An achievement and recognition to provide.

Among the curiosities of the week that is ending, the card of Jair Bolsonaro did not go unnoticed. Actually, he used it, but he was from the Brazilian state. It was known a few hours ago that the former president of the neighboring country spent millions of dollars in bakeries, restaurants, pet stores and ice cream parlors in four years of his government. Something like $us 5.3 million with the government corporate card. Almost 50% of the expenses were made in hotels, where he used to go to rest after long working hours.

The commitments that were made, with plans, announcements and answers die on a Friday of rain, thunder and reserved forecasts. Not a few things that were announced were suspended, stayed on the way, changed course, vanished, vanished. Processes, hearings, marches, activities, statements, lives, procedures, they fell and were silent. Full words and empty words. The former became the latter. We will make silence, where all possible words live. Will we ever be serious, full words.

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