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In international diplomatic parlance, the declaration of ‘persona non grata’ applies to those who are not welcome or appreciated in a given country. This is how Evo Morales Ayma declared, in November 2021, the Foreign Relations Commission of the Peruvian Congress. Then it was “due to his political interference, meddling and negative activism in local political affairs, clearly detrimental to the interests of the Peruvian people.” The cocalero leader reproached the declaration against him. “Let it not be part of racism,” he said in a well-worn chant.

 But far from punishing, Morales has returned to stick his nose in the internal issues of the neighboring country. He did it as if he was in his Chapareño fiefdom. In Peru, where there is even talk of extraditing him, he tried to continue pestering and for this reason a criminal complaint is already underway against him “for an alleged attack on national integrity” involved in political activities through various trips to that country. One of the most recent, shortly before the political crisis generated by the abortive coup d’état by his political affinity Pedro Castillo, dismissed and later imprisoned accused of rebellion.

 According to an investigation by El Comercio, Morales said that Peru was facing an “insurrection process” when Castillo was surrounded by multiple allegations of corruption. The same Peruvian newspaper has just reported that 12 Evo operators entered Peru 27 times, 9 of them “irregularly”. It is recommended that the elusive Evo moderates himself and leaves a neighborhood that already knows his mischief alone.


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