Face to face

Face to face

Once upon a time there was a town where a group of upstart comedians insisted on the same play. Until the last day of the year they continued with the spectacle that was tinged with dark clouds of bad smell. The purpose of the creator of the comic was to push its inhabitants to the lesson, a place where immobility is contagious and makes them dance to the sound of the same music in the midst of an appearance of well-being and joy. Thanks to the good ears of those people, they discovered that the orchestra was out of tune, therefore, their dancers changed their attitude, disconcerting the illustrious conductor. Given the excess smoke, the costumes of the shooters were filled with soot, exhausted by their heavy suit they refused to continue using it. The same neighbors of the town, tired of the fuss, stopped attending the poor spectacle. For that people from the Far East that year will not be forgotten.

The week he left he had the media Andrew Tate, a climate change denier, misogynist and homophobic and the environmentalist Greta Thunberg as protagonists of a nice story. The British millionaire tried to make fun of the young Swedish woman by telling her how they polluted her luxury cars and asked for her email to give her more details. Greta sent him the address: energiadepequeñ[email protected] Tate, meanwhile, wanted to hit him back and sent a video of him ordering a pizza out of non-recycled cardboard. The Romanian Police noticed from the box that he was in Bucharest and located him. The young man had an arrest warrant for human trafficking and sexual abuse and was arrested on Thursday. Subtly and forcefully, the young Swedish woman ended the message by saying: “This happens when you don’t recycle pizza boxes.”

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