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The company changeda, but the cleanliness of the city will be the same. Since yesterday there are two new firms for the collection of garbage. Piraí and El Diez are the ones chosen by the municipality, in a rather eventful process and with complaints of obscurity in the tenders. There are no major innovations that allow us to speak of a leap forward, towards the modernity of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. If organic waste and waste for recycling are separated at home, it does not help much, because, at the end of the day, all the bags go to the same place. The sanitary burial is also maintained and there is no projection for the garbage to generate energy. In short, we will have to wait another eight years with the hope that we will have something better. 

The allotment of the toilet has not considered the Santa Cruz metropolis. There are five municipalities that function as one, although their authorities are not aware of it. One of the problems detected as critical is precisely the disposal of waste. Each municipality has its landfill or dump without connection and with contamination.

There’s a population explosion in Santa Cruz. Leaving aside the romanticism of seeing us with the brother who embraces the Bolivians, we must take into account that nothing good will remain if it is not planned in the long term. Public transport is increasingly uncontrolled; the occupation of spaces by merchants, the disposal of garbage and others are problems that urgently need to be solved. Whatever is done about it, we will become a modern city or a city lost due to chaos and needs.


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