Face to face

Face to face

The national assembly members have the opportunity to vindicate themselves, especially the Cruceña bench. The council has asked them to approve a law to guarantee that the results of the census, presented in 2024, are applied to the allocation of resources that same year and the redistribution of seats by population before the 2025 elections. So far, the representatives of the Movimiento Al Socialismo have been faithful to their political party and have not even entered into dialogue with the sectors of the region, except with those related to the MAS. Those of the opposition had isolated performances. The roles of legislators who have been monitoring and denouncing the damage to the environment and the encroachment on protected areas are noteworthy. But they are exceptions. Most have been inconsequential, a situation aggravated by internal fights that bear the stamp of the struggle for power. It is not enough with heated speeches, when they are not fulfilling the role for which they were chosen. Now they can claim. They will do it?

Mayor Jhonny Fernández reappeared. After having disappeared from the public scene during the strike, he gave a press conference yesterday to claim victories, such as the change of the date of the population and housing census. He seems to have turned his initial position of rejecting the Cruceña protest. There is still expectation for the explanations that he will give to the public.

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