Face to face

Face to face

On the occasion of Flag Day, a group of children was dressed in red ponchos and hooded in the city of El Alto. They all carried a wooden rifle in their small hands. An adult dressed in similar clothing led them in an unusual and striking parade while the disturbing harangue of “now yes, civil war” was heard in the background. There was no lack of applause from the public as the column of children’s ‘warriors’ passed by making their first steps. Getting ready for when they grow up. Then it will be possible to know who will be shot…

 “Now yes, civil war.” It is the same cry thrown into the air by the hordes that terrorized La Paz in the midst of the wave of violence and destruction following the resignation of the coca grower leader from the presidency and his subsequent flight to Mexico in October 2019. Only to deranged or twisted minds , spirits poisoned by hatred and resentment can come up with a similar display using and indoctrinating, for forbidden purposes, innocent creatures. No local or national authority avoided or condemned what sadly happened. What country do we live in?

With all the aggravating circumstances of the case, since they are minors, the act of reference constitutes a public incitement to violence. However, it is most likely that the way things work in Bolivia, it will be a useless wait for the Public Ministry to investigate, identify and punish the scoundrels and infamous people responsible for such an execrable crime that will come to nothing. In an impunity that no longer surprises or frightens.

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