Face to face

Face to face

Why is the government fueling the conflict during Bolivia’s week? keeps calling the
attention that, apart from doing nothing to mitigate
the Santa Cruz unease due to the postponement of the Census
until 2024 and relegating this department to the schedule of meetings with the INE until 15
August, there are conflicts in other regions. In peace,
the Executive Power supports the parallel market of
the coca leaf (related to the MAS) even against what
says the law and that triggers clashes between the leaf growers in Yungas and the Police. In
Potosí, justice, who plays on the match field
ruling party, apprehended the civic vice-president, Nelson Gutiérrez, provoking the annoyance of the citizenship. In Santa Cruz, he looks to the side so as not to
stop the enslavement of lands that are armed and that have already identified protagonists.
Doctors threaten to stop services with
several demands and nothing is done to avoid it. By
that instead of preventing or appeasing, the government stirs up the hornet’s nest?
The Police will put a fence in Sucre to avoid conflicts (read protests or boos to the president). The people will be deprived of reaching the surroundings of the Casa de la Libertad, where it was founded
Bolivia, so as not to bother the president. The uniformed men say that they will be two blocks away so that the public does not enter to see the parade.
traditional. Excess pride? Fear? or maybe
certainty that there is

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