Face to face

Face to face

doWhat makes the madmen add up? The owner of an expensive and luxurious truck did not hesitate to give a fierce beating to a young man who makes a living as a delivery man. He accused him of hitting him and asked for money; failing to get it, he punched and kicked him wildly. After he scampered to his vehicle. What he does not have that ‘bravura’ for is to present himself and be held accountable for the abuse committed. Only a few days passed and again a cowardly attack on a woman occurs. She took a taxi, the driver stopped for four other passengers and the lady objected, as is logical. They were two couples who, without hesitation and without a modicum of rationality, attacked the passenger, even kicking her in the face.

It is a recurring behavior. A few months ago we saw how restaurant workers were attacked for not pleasing diners. This shows that there are people who live like a top, turning on themselves regardless of what happens around them. It is a lack of empathy that borders on insanity. It is time to look at ourselves in the mirror as a society and to detect what values ​​we are nurturing and why we cannot get out of selfishness. If this happens on public roads, it does not take much imagination to understand what these people do in their homes or with those around them.

It is also responsibility of the lack of civic education in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. As long as we continue with authorities that give more value to how expensive the clothes they wear or how to crush the opponent, we leave children, youth and adults without references, living in a jungle where the law of the fist is valid.

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