Fabrica La Aurora recibe el Premio Nacional a la Calidad

Fabrica La Aurora receives the National Quality Award

The La Aurora cigar factory received the National Quality Award for the Private Sector last night in an act that was attended by the president Luis Abinader and in which the business trajectory of Celso Marranzini Perez.

Other 24 companies that have shown an extraordinary performance in their quality management and excellence in the production of goods and services in the country were also awarded.

The V delivery of PNC-SP It was held in a ceremony at the Real Intercontinental Hotel in the presence of businessmen, officials and executives from renowned national and foreign companies.

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Among the award-winning companies in different categories are Referencia Laboratorio Clínico, the Cooperativa por Multiple Service Districts Vega Real, AMR COLLECTION and Reid & Compañía, Argos Dominicana, MERCASID, SA, Consorcio Energético Punta Cana-Macao, Induveca, Bepensa Dominicana and Gerdau Metaldom.

The Mipymes Ajiza Agroindustrial SRL, Jiménez Peña were also awarded, and a special recognition was given to Alpha Finanzas in the area of ​​innovation, customer-focused product and use of ICT.

Other winning companies are Macros Consulting SRL. and Management Consulting Group SRL Centro Marino, CONADEX and LULU FOR PET, HHO Eco Services, Definite Chocolate.

Ignacio Méndez, director of the PNC-SP, thanked those who made this delivery possible, the entire team in charge, the evaluators, the jury and the European Union.

“With the tremendous productivity gaps that we have in our companies, increasing these, the smaller the entities are, there is no other way to shorten them other than through technology, innovation and quality,” he said.

Euri Andújar, president of the National Association of Companies and Industries Herrera (ANEIH) highlighted the commitment of partners and collaborators.

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