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FA distanced itself from Hagobian’s presence in Russian referendum

The Broad Front (FA) issued a statement disclaiming the actions of Sebastián Hagobian, a politician who is a member of the Uruguayan Assembly who was an observer of Russia’s annexationist referendums on invaded Ukrainian territories.

“Given the press reports, we want to inform you that Sebastián Hagobian is not in Russia on behalf of the Broad Front or the Uruguayan Assembly,” the party said. “He is making a private trip and in no case does he represent or have the support of this political force,” he added.

The declaration of the Broad Front takes place after the Foreign Ministry issued a statement informing not only that the Uruguayan government did not send an observer for these elections, but also that it does not legitimize them and urges Russia to leave the occupied territories through military strategies.

It was a message with name and surname

It should be noted that the presence of Hagobian, who is a worker in the International Relations and Cooperation Division of the Municipality of Montevideo (IM), and a member of the International Affairs Commission of his party (Carifa) of the FA provoked a reaction from Ukraine, which added Uruguay to a list with seven other countries which he accused of participating in a “collective crime” against his state. .

Either way, Ukraine’s honorary consul, Diego Guadalupe, told The Observer, that the message from the Ukrainian ministry was not addressed to Uruguay, but to this member of the FA. ““There is no conflict or controversy in Ukraine regarding Uruguay’s position regarding the Russian invasion,” he said.

Guadalupe added that Hagobian “has no official representation of any kind nor has Ukraine officially accredited him in any representation of anything.” “Furthermore, the citizen, more than an observer, acquired the quality of collaborationist with the Russian vision. And in that character he would be watched by the Ukrainian authorities,” he added.

They will argue with him on his return In a press conference, the president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, emphasized that Hagobian does not represent the party in this case. “The FA not only does not support him but did not appoint him or share that he is doing that task. We are going to discuss with him when he arrives in Montevideo. We have a problem

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