FA deputy asks for a second chance for the million people in Report Clearing

FA deputy asks for a second chance for the million people in Report Clearing

Deputy of the FA, Felipe Carballo.
Deputy of the FA, Felipe Carballo.

Carballo expressed before Parliament his concern about the internal indebtedness that exists in Uruguay.

He said that a million people are in the Claring of Reports and therefore do not have the possibility of access to credit.

He stated that it is about a million people, of which the vast majority are “poor and hard-working who, having been left out of the financial system, have a very negative impact on their families.”

The legislator indicated that for the most part, the indebtedness has been through the need to access financial and consumer credit. “It’s about a lot of people who get a credit of 4 or 5 thousand pesos to be able to eat.”

Carballo proposed to the Ministry of Economy that a second chance be given to those million people so that they can rejoin the formal financial system.

He denounced that this reality has to do with the economic situation that the country is going through and “it comes face to face with that Uruguay that the government sells abroad.”

no answers

Carballo said that on May 4 he requested an interview with the Minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche, to raise the issue, but has not yet received answers.

“It is seen that he does not want to have much dialogue with the Broad Front,” lamented the parliamentarian.

Carballo’s proposal was made before Parliament, within the framework of the interpellation to Minister Arbeleche that began on the morning of Thursday 19 and ended at dawn on Friday, May 20.

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