Families in Action extends incentive delivery date

Extraordinary turns in government subsidies start on Wednesday

with the payment of the extraordinary transfer of $500,000 announced by the Government, Social Prosperity will start this Wednesday the crash plan against hunger. This transfer will be delivered to households in poverty and extreme poverty, mostly headed by women.

(Solidary income: who will receive the $500,000 subsidy?).

According to the entity, Nearly 2 million households in extreme poverty will benefit and, for the most part, headed by women and the transfers will start on December 7, and will extend until the last week of the month in a staggered and differential manner.

The Government provided $400,000 million to guarantee this extraordinary transfer to the poorest households and mitigate the barriers that they have to access food.

(They adjust extra payment of Solidarity Income, Families and Youth in Action).

“We are designing a comprehensive public policy to overcome poverty, but, faced with what we are facing – the hunger crisis and the crisis due to the rainy season – it is necessary to take urgent measures. We started with this extraordinary transfer, which will reach close to 2 million homes”, said the director of Social Prosperity, Cielo Rusinque.

Said payments will be made within the framework of the Solidarity Income, Families in Action and Youth in Action. In the case of the first, 340,000 households were included, in addition to the 1.2 million families that are already beneficiaries.

(The changes announced by Petro for the Solidarity Income program).

Between the other two programs, around 400,000 families will be covered, and in this group there are participants from Jóvenes en Acción, who have boys and girls under 6 years of age identified through Sisbén IV. In the case of Familias en Acción, the amount of the health incentive was adjusted in cycle 6 of 2022, so that holders with children under 6 years of age receive a total of $500,000 for compliance with the commitments.


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