Expulsion of nuns from Charity "demoralized" state officials more, says Arturo McFields

Expulsion of nuns from Charity “demoralized” state officials more, says Arturo McFields

The former Nicaraguan ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) Arturo McFields assures that the expulsion of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity generated an impact within the ranks of the Daniel Ortega regime. The former diplomat affirms that those who are inside the State “will continue to remain silent until boredom makes them explode.”

“The harsh images of the Sisters of Charity being expelled as criminals have fallen like an atomic bomb that has demoralized and angered many government officials, civilians and military. Who else do we have to imprison, confiscate or exile? they ask. How long is it going to be enough? They protest silently, in the corridors and on that alternate telephone, which all officials use, but which do not report to the political secretary or to the ear of the party of each state entity,” McFields said in a opinion article published in La Prensa.

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18 nuns from the congregation founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta were expelled by land to Costa Rica on July 6, after the cancellation of the legal status of the “Missionaries of Charity” Association by the National Assembly, dominated by the orteguism.

“For normal people, the commander is an elderly power addict, but for the red-bone Sandinistas, Ortega is the only voice of certainty in the midst of a regime that is kicking and in crisis, meaningless and without values. Be careful, Ortega will only calm 20 percent of the population, his fans, the rest of the officials, civilians and military, will continue to hold on, keeping silent, until the day when boredom makes them explode, “says the former diplomat.

On June 30, the Police at the service of the Daniel Ortega regime increased surveillance at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Home, in Granada, where the nuns were, and it was until Wednesday that they left the country “escorted” by the Ortega Police. .

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Ortega canceled the organization allegedly for failing to comply with its obligations under the General Law for the Regulation and Control of Non-Profit Organizations and the Law on Money Laundering, the Financing of Terrorism and the Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Catholic Church in Nicaragua has lamented that the poorest people in the country will no longer be able to benefit from the nuns who were in the country for more than a decade doing humanitarian work.

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