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Express kidnapping of a Brazilian settler was orchestrated from the Encarnación prison

Paraguayan truckers have been following a line of action that is orchestrated from Argentina. The one pointed out as responsible for these maneuvers is Pablo Moyano, a powerful and controversial trade unionist in the neighboring country.

In 2019 there was one of the first appearances of Pablo Moyano with the trucking sector of our country, during his presence at the launch of the Central Obrera y Transporte de Paraguay, led by the leader Juan Villalba.

Moyano participated in the meeting in his capacity as vice president of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF).

Since then, Moyano has had an important link with the trucking sector of our country, providing advice to carry out the different actions, including roadblocks.

Pablo Moyano is the son of Hugo Moyano, another of the leaders of the trucking sector in the neighbor. As a family clan for years they have been carrying out “tightening” of the governments in power, mobilizing all the machinery mainly to carry out the well-known “pickets” and putting the entire Argentine economy in jeopardy.

One of the remembered actions of Pablo Moyano was the blockade by the Truckers’ Union of the Mercado Libre distribution center, one of the most important companies in Argentina, which caused even a division in the sector and shattered his relationship with the government.

This model was replicated in Paraguay in the latest mobilizations of truckers, who carried out roadblocks at the country level, exceeding the limits of the National Constitution and causing a reaction of repudiation from the production and industry unions.

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