Exports of grains and derivatives could add up to US$41,281 million

Exports of grains and derivatives could add up to US$41,281 million

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The estimate of exports of the five main grain complexes for 2022 would reach US$ 41,281 million, US$ 3,231 million more than what was registered last year, thanks to the high international prices of commodities, according to the projections of the Stock Exchange of Rosario (BCR).

In this way, the increase compared to 2021 would be 8.6%, the year in which US$ 38,049 million entered, a figure that almost doubled that registered in 2020when the exports of the sector invoiced US$ 23,981 million.

Of this total, exports from the complex soy they were projected at US$ 23,685 million, US$ 178 million less than the estimate in June, due to “a sharp drop in the projected prices for oil from the oilseed”.

However, the entity remarked that “the estimate of soybean production for the current campaign was adjusted upwards, which leads to an increase in the projected crush and, consequently, a greater volume destined to export soybean derivatives, compensating in part of this fall in prices”.

Thus, the offices of flour would be located at US$ 12,261 million, some US$ 157 million above what was obtained in 2021, while the jump in the oil It would be US$ 815 million up to US$ 7,916 million, so the complex would manage to exceed the value exported in 2021 by US$ 209 million.

the complex corn would reach exports of US$ 9,361 million, US$ 203 million less than what was forecast a month ago, as a result of a drop in deferred FOB prices for yellow grains that are partially offset by an increase in estimates of volume to be exported in the campaign, while the interannual improvement would be of US$ 314 million.

Projections for the complex wheat they reach US$ 4,451 million for the current year, an amount that would increase the value of their exports by almost US$ 1,357 million compared to the 2021 mark.

The sunflower complex would reach exports of US$ 1,822 million, US$ 520 million above the 2021 mark, while the barley complex would register shipments of US$ 1,631 million, which would mean a year-on-year expansion of US$ 661 million.

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